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Founded in 2015, TYGERFLY is Vienna’s uprising streetwear label. Committed to create a unique, personal style, the label focuses on finest detailing and high-quality garments. The clothes are made to compliment the consumer’s passion for individuality and lifestyle, still satisfying the aims to live with a good conscience. TYGERFLY produces its own-measured shirts & hoodies exclusively in Europe, with great love and care for all workers in the supply chain.


Inspired by contemporary fashion, hip-hop/rap and sports TYGERFLY always strives for a different way to approach things in order to create something unique and personal, still conscious about society and environment.

Building all processes in the creative hotspot from Vienna, the label emphasizes its European heritage and affiliation.

TYGERFLY is a brand of Europe and stays true to its unique brand asthetic.



48° 12' 30 N


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